Folkestone Town Council

2020/2021 Civic Year
Town Mayor: Councillor Michelle Keutenius    |     Deputy Mayor: Councillor Nicola Keen

The Town Council consists of 18 Councillors who represent 7 wards.

Each year the Council elects from their number a Town Mayor.

The Council conducts its business through 4 standing Committees and a Personnel Sub-Committee which deals with staffing and employment issues.

The Planning Committee meets every three weeks, the Grants Committee meets three times a year and other Committees and Full Council meet bi-monthly.

Planning Committee Membership:
Cllrs Abena Akuffo-Kelly, Jonathan Graham, David Horton, Mary Lawes, Jackie Meade and Richard Wallace.

Finance and General Purposes Committee Membership:
Cllrs Jackie Meade, Ray Field, Nicola Keen, Connor McConville, Paul Bingham, Peter Gane, Dan Brook, Dylan Jeffrey, Mary Lawes and Tim Prater.

Community Services Committee Membership:
Cllrs Belinda Walker, Paul Bingham, Jonathan Graham, Abena Akuffo-Kelly, Michelle Keutenius, Roger West, Ann Berry and Peter Gane.

Grants Committee Membership:
Cllrs David Horton, Connor McConville, Abena Akuffo-Kelly, Michelle Keutenius, Richard Wallace, Roger West and Tim Prater.

Working Groups

FHDC/FTC Partnership: Town Mayor substitute Deputy Mayor, Immediate Past Mayor, Chairman of Finance and General Purposes substitute Vice Chairman of Finance and General Purposes, Chairman of Community Services substitute Vice Chairman of Community Services, Chairman of Planning substitute Vice Chairman of Planning, Chairman of Grants substitute Vice Chairman of Grants. (Parent Committee = Finance & General Purposes)

Museum (Ambassadors): Cllrs Jackie Meade, Roger West, Paul Bingham, Michelle Dorrell, David Horton. (Parent Committee = Community Services)

Christmas (Volunteers): Cllrs Peter Gane, Roger West, Conor McConville, Jonathan Graham and Nicola Keen. (Parent Committee = Community Services)

Environment (Champions): Cllrs Roger West (Allotments), Jackie Meade (Fairtrade), Ann Berry (Flowers), Richard Wallace (Trees), Belinda Walker (Plastic Free), Abena Akuffo-Kelly (Climate Change). (Parent Committee = Community Services)