Published: 28 March 2020

Folkestone Town Council continues to advocate the Government Direction of “Stay At Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives” and all allotments holders should seriously follow this direction as they go about their everyday lives, however, we recognise that Allotments provide both mental and physical benefits to its gardeners and wherever possible that should continue.

Allotment Gardens shall remain opened unless we are instructed by Government otherwise provided that the following conditions are met:

· No more than 2 visitors shall be allowed per plot

· Any children visiting the site shall be supervised and restricted to their own plot

· All communal facilities including tool sheds, meeting sheds, composting toilets are closed

· All Gardeners use their own tools and do not share others

· Gloves and Hand sanitisers are used

· Government guidelines on social distancing are maintained at all times

· Any Gardener and/or a member of their direct family either showing signs of the illness shall follow the self-isolation guidelines and not visit the allotments

· Any Gardener who is in receipt of any direction to isolate for 12 weeks shall follow guidelines and not visit the allotments

The Allotment Manager and/or Councillors shall visit all allotment sites throughout lockdown to ensure these rules are adhered to. If for any reason these rules are not followed, Folkestone Town Council reserves the right to close these facilities without notice.

Allotment Gardeners are encouraged to follow messages on our website and social media for any changes.

Jennifer Childs

Town Clerk