Published: 29 June 2020

 Planning List for 29/06/20

  Address Proposal Date for comments Link to the online documents   Previous Comment
20/0772/FH 54 Shorncliffe Crescent Erection of single storey side and rear extension 13.7.20    
20/0794/FH 17 Moat Farm Road Erection of front and side extension. 15.7.20    
20/0824/FH 167 Downs Road Loft conversion with a front pitched dormer 20.7.20    
20/0826/FH 77 Weymouth Road Erection of a rear extension to replace existing conservatory. 20.7.20    
20/0817/FH 1 Cambridge Terrace Erection of 2-Storey rear and side extension and installation of two new windows and widening of window onto street. 20.7.20    
Y19/1164/FH Brockman Centre Cheriton High Street Demolition of existing two storey building and replacement residential development comprising of 23 Units. 16.7.20 Amended No objection
Y19/0997/FH Flat A 14 Connaught Road Subdivision of existing maisonette into two self-contained flats with independent access (Resubmission of Y18/1390/FH). 21.7.20 Appeal Object – the Chair to contact the Planning Officer to see if there are any relevant changes.
Y/19/1009/FH 4 Ryland Place Change of use of ground floor from dwelling house (Class C3) to retail (Class A1). 17.7.20 Appeal Object – the Committee feels that this is a very difficult road for a shop nowadays because of the heavy traffic and limited parking. Councillor Mary Lawes wanted to be noted objecting.