Folkestone Town Council

2023/2024 Civic Year
Town Mayor: Councillor Belinda Walker    |     Deputy Mayor: Councillor Abena Akuffo-Kelly

The Town Council consists of 18 Councillors who represent 7 wards.

Each year the Council elects from their number a Town Mayor.

The Council conducts its business through 4 standing Committees and a Personnel Sub-Committee which deals with staffing and employment issues.  Committees and Full Council generally meet bi-monthly.

Planning Committee Membership:
Cllrs Jane Darling, Lucy McGurr, Christine Dickinson, Charles Bain Smith*, Laura Davison and John Renshaw**.

Finance and General Purposes Committee Membership:

Cllrs Belinda Walker, Nicola Keen, Jane Darling, Connor McConville*, Adrian Lockwood, Bridget Chapman, Laura Davison, Christine Dickinson, Kieran Leigh, Tim Prater** and Peter Gane.

Personnel Sub-Committee Membership:

Cllrs Nicola Keen*, Connor McConville, Bridget Chapman and Peter Gane**.

Community Services Committee Membership:

Cllrs Lucy McGirr, Abena Akuffo-Kelly**, Bridget Chapman, Liz McShane, Roger West* and Peter Gane.

Climate and Environment Committee Membership:

Cllrs Jackie Meade, Abena Akuffo-Kelly*, Lucy McGirr, Liz McShane**, Jane Darling, Charles Bain Smith, Roger West, John Renshaw and Kieran Leigh.

*   Chair 

** Vice Chair