Tree Management

Folkestone Town Council, in association with the BTCV, have four volunteer tree wardens.

Tree wardens consult with local communities and advise on tree care and maintenance.

If you need any advice on the trees in your area please contact the Town Council on 01303 257946 or via email to

Folkestone is full of urban trees and there are many benefits to keeping them, here are just a few.

Trees can…

Act as filters for particulate pollution, fine dust and toxic particles, improving air quality

Reduce noise pollution, improving quality of life

Help people to experience connections with nature

Act as effective windbreaks

Prevent soil erosion on sloping ground and around rivers and lakes.

Act as air conditioning units, providing cooling shade in hot weather. Houses in tree lined streets are kept considerably cooler in warmer weather due to the cooling effects of trees, and their heating costs are kept lower in the cooler months due to the trees insulative effects on the property

House prices in well managed tree lined streets/ avenues are significantly higher than those in streets without trees (6-10% higher as an average, suggested by estate agents)

Property’s in well managed tree lined streets/ avenues sell faster than those in streets without trees

Provide food for people and animals
Provide links between generations

Be used as a lasting memorial to a loved one

Trees are carbon neutral (i.e. not producing any more than they actually take in) even when used as firewood

Can be used to soften harsh landscapes such as buildings, factory’s, shopping centers etc

Can be used to block out unsightly views or to create a screen

Hospital patients who have a direct view of trees recover more quickly than those patients who do not have such a view.

Have a calming effect on people

Trees absorb massive amounts of carbon dioxide and are in effect huge carbon sinks (approximately 4.5kg of CO2 per year, based on a generic mature broadleaf tree)

Trees and plants are the only natural source of oxygen we have

A mature Beech tree can give off a years supply of oxygen for up to 10 people