Folkestone Town Council celebrates becoming a Fairtrade Community on 2nd August 2023.


This milestone and significant achievement in attaining Fairtrade status for the town is down to the hard work and commitment of FTC Officers, Councillors and external partners & stakeholders to champion Fairtrade and the rights of farmers in developing nations.


Folkestone Town Council has achieved mobilisation of cafes / restaurants to serve Fairtrade tea and coffee, retailers to sell Fairtrade-certified products, held events and ran campaigns and achieved impactful media coverage.


Farmers around the world face many challenges ranging from unfair trading practices to poverty and climate change. Fairtrade has paved a way for fairer, ethical trading. Currently it works with 1.66 million farmers and workers in poorest nations to enable them to earn a sustainable income and the Fairtrade Premium that they can invest in community, business and environmental projects.


Communities & Events Officer, Vicky Deakin from Folkestone Town Council said “We are very proud of our Fairtrade Town status and our commitment to the values of the movement: fairness, justice and empathy.


This fantastic milestone is a collective achievement and reflects the continued support of local campaigners, businesses, retailers and community groups. We have some exciting plans for the future and today Folkestone Town Council invite local residents to get involved to help drive change for the farmers who need our support most.”


Sarah Brazier, Communities Campaigns Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation said: “We all have huge power to change things for the better through our shopping choices and business practices. With the support of campaigners such as Folkestone Town Council, the Fairtrade movement has helped to transform the lives of millions of farmers and workers, their families and communities in the world’s poorest countries.


“Trade is not working for everyone and so we need to keep driving change for more farmers and their families. I hope the group will continue their much needed work and I wish them many more years of success.”


The Fairtrade Town campaign started in 2001 in Garstang, Lancashire, to promote Fairtrade-certified goods in the town. The Fairtrade network currently includes over 600 Fairtrade Communities in the UK, and over 2,000 worldwide.


To find out more and join the local Steering Group, contact: vicky.deakin@folkestone-tc.gov.uk or 01303 257946.